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The purpose of the Lay Counselor Training Classes is to equip clergymen and lay people with the knowledge to help counsel and/or teach people who are struggling with various life and faith issues from a Christ-centered, Biblical model of counseling. The classes include written and oral instruction utilizing Biblical principles in dealing with all aspects of the Christian life including personal, social, marital and parental issues. Case-study examples displaying use and efficacy of this approach are provided throughout all levels of training.

Level I and Level II are applicable to all persons interested in enriching and deepening their Christian walk and is utilized by churches and individuals as an extensive discipleship training program with meaning for both new and veteran Christians.

Level III and Level IV are designed to specifically meet the needs of those seeking to develop counseling skills and/or establish counseling ministries.

The "text book” for these classes consists of the Bible, CDs, DVDs, various books, including Rest Assured and The Travel Guide, along with other printed materials. A listing of a wide variety of resource materials is provided for students interested in further self study in Level I and Level II.  Level III consists of material and Bible studies on the Character of the Counselor as well as skills used throughout the counseling process.  There is also a required reading list and a suggested inductive Bible study

The lecture portion of these classes consists of 42 separate lectures divided into Levels ILevel II  and Level III.

Level III also utilizes a small group discussion format and contains an extensive self-instructional unit consisting of case studies and the many skills used in the counseling/discipleship process.

Level IV includes one-on-one training for individuals who have shown promise and skill as a counselor and who plan on counseling in some capacity in the future.
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