We are Christian Life Ministries, compelled by God’s call to demonstrate the sufficiency of Christ and His Word. We share the life of Christ and His grace worldwide through research, training and counseling.

Mission Statement
Our hope is to present a distinctly Biblical view and understanding of the manner
in which Christ would have us live our lives:

  1. To lead people to an accurate perception of God, knowing that seeing God more clearly  
      will draw people into a vibrant relationship with Him. 
  2. Proclaiming the life and full work of Jesus Christ and how knowing and living in this truth 
      results in an accurate perception of oneself.
  3. To encourage and direct believers to a life characterized by freedom, joyful obedience, 
      and meaningful relationships.
The mission of CLM is four-fold:

   • To counsel believers who are in need of spiritual and mental healing.

   • To bring non-believers the good news of the Gospel of Grace.

   • To educate others on how to counsel through the Word of God.

   • To provide seminars and conferences to enhance Christian living.

Christian Life Ministries operates under the direction of a Board of Directors composed of local men with backgrounds in business, medicine and ministry. 
Christian Life Ministries
Biblical Counseling & Training
Christian Life Ministries Biblical Counseling & Training
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